What to do with HAMC World to End what they Started

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What to do with HAMC World to End what they Started

Post by Liberty on Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:26 pm

As described in my two previous posts, it was HAMC World who initiated their acts of violence towards other HAMCs in SL.
HAMC World sees herself as the only real HAMC, and as leader of all the by them approved Chapters. Other HAMCs are considered by them as, I cite 'posers, fakers'. They see themselves as governing the HAMCs, and claim that they are because of their long history in SL. They do not tell that HAMC World has had a second life. After the former HAMC World broke down, the current leader of Cheyenne Shan payed a small amount to take over the the ownership of their organization. Thus, the long history they claim to have is not that long at all. Apart from this, their way of presentation is a bad representation of the HAMC.
As shameful is their arrogance towards those HAMCs who were not approved by them. Warring them, and 'taking their cuts'as they call it.
Their ways of exposing the self claimed superiority is far from heroic. Although it must be said that they show to be able calling quite a number of their members when they find this is needed, they even find a need to do this when after a single person, and at a neutral club. They do not hesitate to use all kinds of huds at such a neutral club, to show they are in power.

Other HAMCs, not part of them, choose to stay out of this, leaving a victim HAMC, or an other HAMC member alone with the struggle. When asked, they express their despair by asking back "what can we do about it ?"

Indeed, it does not make much sense to pick up the SL weapons to retaliate. Weapons do not change anything. And, also admitted, it is almost impossible to talk, let even to discuss with people who do not do much better than lying, insulting, ignoring. And, even worse, if those who do try to talk, and share their thoughts are getting banned from the Group Chat, then talking has become a passed station too. It is a bad sign though, that these bans are made by other than HAMC World moderators. One may ask, are they neutral when selective banning of those who voice against HAMC World ? But, in stead they then ask, what can we do about them ?

I have an answer.
First, not banning those who have a voice without insulting. But, like said, this already happened. And this does surely not contribute to a better understanding among HAMCs not being part of HAMC World. This indeed causes a smell of not really being that neutral.
So secondly, HAMCs should do better than standing at the Sideline, or even siding more with HAMC World.
Third, the violence and arrogance of HAMC World can be tackled by reasoning and by exchange with others. So, a group chat allowing members of all HAMCs would be the right instrument. Yet, there are already so many of those in SL, and, apparently none is functioning well. They do not function because as said before, their weird banning procedures, but also because a Group chat does not have a good format for presenting and sharing ideas. A chat at such a group has a small chance to be seen by many at the time of starting it, and a Notecard being send will hardly be read by many either. A Forum like here does have a better format. The format is more nice, it can be read by anyone at any tome, it more easily invites to read over older posts, and by this the real issues can become more clear to a wider audience.
This Forum is likely the most potent weapon against HAMC World.

HAMC World will have to stop their current ways. They have to stop acting as the Only legitimate HAMC, for they are a shame. HAMC World and her Chapters may stay as they are, yet as any other HAMC. In order to be accepted themselves as HAMC they should start supporting all HAMCs, according the code not fighting each other. HAMC World will have to side with al lother HAMCs, in order to form a brother & sisterhood, and making all able to deal with other MCs. HAMC may no longer be a splitting unit allowing other, even better organized MCs to annoy, attack the Global HAMC.
HAMC World wil have to announce this change officially, offering peace like they also started their wars. It will have to be HAMC World to end the current division they caused. Maybe, I say likely HAMC World will have to seek for more intelligent leaders for a better representation.

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