Is Your SL HAMC As Real As A RL HAMC ? - do the checklist

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Is Your SL HAMC As Real As A RL HAMC ? - do the checklist

Post by Liberty on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:30 am

You are proud about your SL HAMC.
It is Your HAMC being so unique in being So Real.
Because your HAMC is so Real, you may even feel your HAMC is the only legitimate SL HAMC

What do others think about your claims of being so Real ?

Do the Reality Check List: Is your HAMC that Real ?

1. Can females be member
2. Does your HAMC disapprove other HAMCs
3. Does your HAMC avoid communication with other HAMCs
4. Does you HAMC fight with other HAMCs
5. Is your HAMC the one to rule over other HAMCs, and, or Chapters
6. Does your HAMC have the same Staff running your HAMC for endless long times, without elections ?
7. Does your HAMC have Alts inside

The score and outcomes:

If any of these questions is answered by yes, then your HAMC is not a good representation of a Real HAMC.
If more than one of these questions had to be answered by yes, then your HAMC is as unreal as any other HAMC in SL, Without even knowing it, you have much in common with the rest of all HAMCs. SAo, why then are you still making it so hard to be unique ? Maybe it is the wish of being unique, and better, but a deep knowledge your hamc is just alike makes you still chasing for ways to be better. By doing this, you actually drive off the road. Shocked

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