HAMC World & her other Unapproved HA friends

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HAMC World & her other Unapproved HA friends

Post by Liberty on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:17 pm

HAMC World pretends to be the oldest SL HAMC
In fact, she is not. HAMC World have been bought for a lousy amount of L$ after the decay of World was made a fact by guys like Raventide Larson.
En passant, for a very short time I was pros just before their collapse.

World likes to see herself as the SL Academy to school HA in order to get them through their fantasized exam of Approval. Or, only Chapters that have been approved by her are to be seen as HAMC 's
Claiming they are most, or so very close to the Real HA, they are missing this in about every respect. If anything gets most near, its the bad reputation and shame they cause.
1. In RL there does not exist such a Chapter as World. If there would be, this would be the target of the FBI.
2. HA Chapters are all independent units
3. HA will never attack other HA, and HA would support other HA, or, in other words Brotherhood
4. The HA Code is Honesty, Reliability, Respect, Freedom
5. Females cannot be members

World crosses all those above.
Its a hierarchical organization with subordinated Chapters , having liars, inconsistent, females on top, enslaved by self made dogmas and enslaving her members.

Many, if not all non HAMC world chapters are, more or less secretly, speaking with their disgust about her.
Some do not dare to be open (HONEST). fearing repercussions
Some just love to say they are against her, hoping to gain some bold status by saying so, and some of them even believe they are honest, while still having all kinds of ties with World, like their Bar The EazyRiderz, their concerts, and, some remarkable friends.

Speaking for myself, and on behalf of my two Chapters REBELS and California Nomads, the critic is not intending hate towards them, or any member. Yet, there are a few members who simply cause World even more a bad name.
We have seen Matt Whiteline as Prez of HAMC Nomads, a long time part of HAMC World.
He was the arrowhead of causing shame by being after the cuts of other HA
For a long time World Members, the key members were siding with him.

Just recently, last Spring all of the sudden the stars changed, and Matt Whiteline became a contaminated person, a target.
HHMC and SLMC were bitching and bashing him in their No Bitchen Just Bashin Group, as well wherever they could meet Matt, or his arsenal of Alts.
This was the moment for a Key Member of World to hurry in by stating, yes, by stating it again, that World does not have any relations with Matt or his Nomads.... Indeed, this has to be stated enough times in order to be understood, because there were of course long time relations.... But, it is better to say there are not, to have more and stronger friends, in stead of a few rapidly decreasing in number, dimming, and becoming a target.

Secretly, or maybe even not clear by ones self reflection, some prominent non HA key figures, like Sparky of HAMC TEXAS, as well Bayne, that time still VP of BAMA, wanted us to accept Matt as a brother. That despite of all, he still is a HA, and so we just had to accept him as well to take part in Sparky 's new founded Group for Unity, HAMC United.
We were against this nice directive
First, we are not directed by anyone. We can seeks for agreements, but not this way.
For us such a United should primarily be a unity of non World Chapters. Matt was part of World
Second, Matt and his fellows has been causing shame all over, violating the HA Codes, terrorizing other HA

when I asked Sparky about his ideas of World, he initially told me, more or less to be consistent with what he argued about Matt being a HA too, that he felt the same about World as also being HA
When I asked him to have a look at pone of their profiles wherein it was clearly written that only World Chapters are the only real HA, he changed his mind as easy, and saying that he had nothing to do with World
When I asked Sparky about his ties inside the EazyRiderz bar, and this with World, he only kept denying he had any relations with World.

Last month I met a new guy. I never saw him before. After some research I could find he has been around as HA in SL for some time.
He told me he was not happy with the current situation of HAMC SL. And, speaking on we found we had so many things in common.
Like, he hated Matt Whiteline, and hated World, and he was not too much fond about Sparky doing his United. He wanted a new United.
He also told me about his hate towards the prez of BAMA, Thor.
And this hate in particular seemed to keep this man, prez of HAMC Illinois, Skaddy, most running.

When I told Skaddy that during the last three years we had fights with and about Matt, and that we never saw him battling Matt, Skaddy did not leave speaking out his long time hate to Matt. He only has been a while off SL.
But now Thor was his problem. Thor was no more allowed to wear his red and white. Finding him wearing it, he would face troubles, and he had 5 HAMC s behind him, and we had to understand the influence Skaddy has on SL events....
According to Skaddy, Thor was voted out by his own HA members as Prez... That he was attending these elections as an invited Observer, and that he can confirm the outcome

But wait.... Skaddy, HAMC s are independent. You do not have any more rights than just being there as Observer, not as Judge
And, who actually called for those elections ?.. That was not Thor. But even if he would have done, coming back on whatever the outcome is still allowed. And, how come his properties became taken over ? Did someone perhaps, or even likely used illegal devices ?
Was this so called election not just a plain coup ?
And you Skaddy, are you not running your mouth, crossing HA Code even more than Thor ?
Are you Skaddy not a same kind of mouth like Matt, Sparky ?
You say you want to make HAMC proud again.... You want to bring unity... Yes, You would like to rule this Unity right ?

All of the sudden, out of nowhere, me, a meaningless flea, being laughed by all, not being taken seriously, not having anyone as listeners, got an IM from a man called Gallahead.
I had only heard about this man.
He has been in about all SL MC s, he always fought against HAMC s, and he was one of those who was so much opposed to those copythefts of the HA.
Now this multi patched, most colorful man is also wearing the dead head himself !
And, even more he is president of a new founded HAMC Chapter by Cheyenne Shan, the Queen of all Presidents of HAMC World and her chapters.
Gallahead turned into a true rainbow man.

He just started asking me if I think I belong to world !
What a stupid question
He asked me this even twice
How more stupid

...but, what made him IM me and ask this ?
Ah... yes... I wrote a NC to 4 presidents asking to stop that silly quest against Thor. And in this NC I indeed mentioned World as a more serious topic than Thor...
So.. This Gallahead was handed over that NC !

No ... NOOO... we all hate HAMC World.. NO NOOO we have no ties with HAMC World !!!

Should I still wonder more about Sparky 's, Skaddy 's, ?

A second time at WW, Galla was there too. Galla agian all of the sudden entered my private zone by dropping an IM
Now he accused me of having crashed him, followed with a number of insults and threats.

Having warned me the first time he does not need more members to attack me, he bitched about me inside his friends club NBJB.
Slinky |IM ed me, asking if I was looking for troubles, Loony IM ed me asking if I had any issues with SLMC or HHMC
I never met them, I never IM ed them, I even do not have any problems with them or their MC s... and, as I wrote elsewhere, despite of their actions, I admire them for at least doing as they say, and saying as they do.
I was stunned alright... does Galla have friends at all.. Do they even trust him ? I would be ashamed
Maybe it was only the much better style of communication Slinky and Loony showed to master, that this gave me a feeling of having this settles very easily, and even with mutual respect. Let me just hope and trust my feeling is true

Last day I noticed Skaddy unfriended me
I was surprised.. Yes, sure, we have many things to disagree about, but that should nt be a reason. Not to me
When I saw him at WW I of course could nt resist to IM him and ask
He told me I passed our private convo 's !

aha.. so I did ?
And who passed that NC to Galla about stopping the crap about Thor ?

And Heeey... suddenly i again got an IM from Galla !
Are those things just a coincidence ?
Was not Skaddy telling me so often he hated World ?
Maybe Skaddy has no idea who or what is World
Maybe, more likely, Skaddy is a Liar

Galla did nt say any.. He just wanted a TP
Obviously those little pricks love to use guns and huds to battle a disagree

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