My experience with HAMC World

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My experience with HAMC World

Post by Liberty on Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:34 pm

Ever having been prospect of HAMC Canada, part of HAMC World, down to 2010 for a very short time, I already soon was confused about the way of communication. There hardly was any communication, but a few walking around with guns, shooting, being rude, and not making much sense if any. One day at their clubhouse at Nova island, sitting at the bar, and having a few members, and guests, not involved in any chat, nor able to get any reply, I was only reading the ongoing chat. As said, following the chat was hard because it did not make much sense, each time a change of topic, leaving me clueless. Then a female member came in. She was welcomed, and being asked about her doing, she started to say some things. She was ok, but not that much ok at the same time. She want on talking saying she felt bad about some person, a person not communicating, ignoring a well respected member Raventide Larson. At least I now was reading something having some clue, so I listened with slightly less effort to understand. Then it became clear this lady was talking about me! And because her remarks were far from any truth, even insulting, I then started saying that if she was talking about me, she could better do this in another way. But she went on, and there I became less kind. As if I turned her pixels up side down, I brushed their clubhouse floor with her wig, until I was interrupted by one of those smart Gorillas telling me that I had a little time to leave the place, or else. I then could still could express that I already planned to leave for a better place, going to attend a concert. And so I did

Until this year, after rejoined HAMC Rebels and a Group Chat The Syndicate, I never went back to Nova Island. Meanwhile HAMC World was not the same as before. Now HAMC World, and its chapters is owned by Cheyenne Shan. Having heard some about this revived HAMC World and its position and relations in SL, I found reason to show my opinion about it inside the Syndicates Group Chat. Most was already well said by Blacky Braham, yet, I felt to give my part on this too, and I did this decently, without insulting, griefing, and by reasoning. In short I stated that there is nothing in RL like a HAMC that is ruling over other HAMCs as in the position to approve or reject other HAMCs. Nor would any RL HAMC fight another HAMC. Strangely World claims to be as much of a mirror of RL HAMC. Yet, they do have women as members, even as presidents, like Cheyenne playing the super president. Some days later only a few replies followed. These did not have any content of reasoning, but were plain insults. Just before making my reply, I noticed i was ejected from The Syndicate by Teena Kid. Teena Kid does not belong to HAMC world, but to another HAMC, not part of HAMC World, and thus not approved by them either.

Still some days later, when I was at Wet Willies Club, it must have been that one noticed my presence there, and called others to get to me. The first time it was Dusty Kranfel making a start by pushing me, and going pushing me. Some others just stayed aside, looking how well she was doing. I walked away, and away, until I saw one of her bystanders, and I pushed that guy. The next two days they gathered about 30 to 40 of their peeps to WW. I got crashed, bumped, pushed. The second day of this violence, being better prepared against their crashers, I was surrounded by a few, still trying to get me. They did not succeed this time, and I blocked, and derendered about all of them. The same like the days after, when the alts of Whiteline tried to intimidate me.

Ironically, they made me being ejected from a chat, and then they gathered with an army of so many at a club to deal with me, and then even not capable of achieving what they must have at mind. Indeed, unlike in RL, weapons in SL do not really make a difference. One cannot win by weapons, only being an annoyance at best. Nevertheless, their actions are a shame, silly, foolish, and by far from what the claim to be. They are not superior, they are no heroes, but cowards, they are far from the HAMC code. They are a laugh.

They have been doing alike before, hunting, griefing other HAMCs, and, as they say, taken the cuts. Apparently those HAMCs were impressed, intimidated,. Some of them surrendered, and even became their member, now doing the same to others.

Then HAMC World also seems to have some doubtful friend MCs, like Damnation MC, a MC that at one side overtly hates HAMCs in SL, calling them fakers, yet siding with the most prominent fakers, HAMC World. Even more doubtful this is, when among those MCs one or more members started HAMC chapters, Wales and Scotland.

One of HAMC World most typical Chapters, HAMC Nomads can be seen as exponent of the overall disgrace to HAMC values. Its President, Whiteline, has quite a few alts part of it: bellzabub, bigred81, dandra cheslav, laudric chauveau, jackalryder, jaycestone, liljohn81. And, who knows, there are still more of him. Then there are some of his closest buddies, much alike him, finally he filled his HAMC Nomads with other peeps, less weird, but more as furniture.

Other chapters all start with HAMC followed by the name of the Country: England, Germany, Canada, United States, Holland (there is a HAMC Netherlands too, yet less obvious being their Chapter, although a few members do seem to be close with World and Nomads too). Also less clear about having ties are Sweden, Denmark, Belgium.

Still there are more HAMCs, sometimes with names like of the HAMC World chapters, or near: United States Germany and England, but, as it seems Not being tied to World. About the HAMCs not (overtly) being related to HAMC World still much is unclear too. Some of them express their awe about World, and being on their own, with a suspicion towards World. But, almost none of all are really making a clear stand against HAMC world. I am clueless about those Chapters: not being part, even not being amused by World, but still staying at the side line, quiet, not making a sound, or stand. ...I say, when not making a stand, this may not be supporting World, but it neither is representing Pride and Self Respect. For, what do they do, and for what do they stand, and, are they indifferent about a HAMC World being so arrogant, even hostile,m not approving them as HAMC at all, and maybe even attacking them to get their cuts as they did with others ? Indeed, not making a stand is more or less allowing World to be as it is. And, in this respect these HAMCs show to be divided, and more loosely organized than World, as well than many other MCs in SL. This makes the HAMCs in SL weak, looking worse than many other MCs, and in fact a shame too. They 'allow' a shameful World, and they do not show any capacity to organize them as good as World, or other MCs... This is sad.


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