HAMC Sl World; Opportunism in high Gears

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HAMC Sl World; Opportunism in high Gears

Post by Liberty on Fri May 06, 2016 8:25 am

For some time now Matt Whiteline, 'president of HAMC Nomads in SL' and its falling star also got visible to the common folks of the HAMC community in SL.

HAMC REBELS more or less was founded after Blacky and Matt broke up, and became arch enemies.
Blacky had many reasons for drawing away from Matt Whiteline. I am not, and I will not go into details about this.

Yet, Matt Whiteline got a good deal of support by HAMC World.
Matts Nomads was sharing the sim Nova Island with HAMC World.
They were steady partners in crime, that is: Attacking, hunting other HAMC 's, other HA, messing up sims, forcing members to hand over the cuts, even taking over HAMC 's, and of course partners in stalking, grieving gossiping, manipulating.. In other words, showing no Honesty, Reliability, Respect , and only after their Freedom of going on with this.

HAMC World, seeing themselves as the overruling HAMC, and the only instance to approve other chapters as HAMC, indeed approved Matts HAMC NOMADS,,,

But recently something made those brats of HAMC World say that Matt WhitleLine, his HAMC NOMADS has no business or whatsoever with HAMC World...
Something will have changed their minds, yet what ?

In fact, Matt even describes himself well by telling that one can love, or hate him, that .. this will not change him.
And indeed, he has not changed a bit....
He is still the same asshole

I have no idea. Apart from my idea those girls do not seem to have much mind, that the only consistency they show is being plain opportunistic cowards, ...that they likely chose the side of winners...

Well, it is likely those HAMC World Brats felt they had to expose there are no ties with Matt and his Nomads because a growing antipathy against him was rising...

So.... Matt did nt change, they dis nt change either....

Cheyenne Shan even did nt find time to redress her profile. There one can still read how well she was, or is with her friend Matt

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