REAL HELLS ANGELS ....please, come to Second Life to do Justice

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REAL HELLS ANGELS ....please, come to Second Life to do Justice

Post by Liberty on Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:08 am


Knowing well we in Second Life (SL) love to use your colors, patches, code, and whatsoever we steal from you, and admitting I was, and still slightly being one of them, I am one the first to refrain from this practice.
As it is being told the SL HAMC is but a game, it is a bad game, everyone making their own rules, making these the HAMC Code, as long it fits well to them, and manipulating others by these opportunistic, false excuses for playing the big chiefs, even representatives of the Real HAMC.
Also aware the real HAMC are no saints, those in SL do not even have back bones. After a long time of annoyance I very much welcome your intervention to stop the abuse, theft, and shame of your Trade Mark and Copyrights.
Some time ago a Real president came to SL for the same. He contacted Linden Lab and ordered all the names of accounts abusing the rights of his MC. He came to SL by an account, using camera, and voice, visiting the SL thiefs, talking and warning them to stop playing with their colors, and property.
Seeing this back on a video I was pretty much scared, but also admiring this prez for his true engagement. He did as he is supposed to do, and this indeed deserves respect and admiration.
Please, take this message as my plea for doing the same, for as said, the Dead Head is being ashamed in SL.


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