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Hells Angels California Nomads SL

Post by Liberty on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:16 pm

Already a time ago, still being Sgt at Arms of HAMC REBELS, I founded HAMC CALI NOMADS.

The reason for this group was given by the occupation of other than CALI members as owners. I already wrote about this in HAMC CALI.
HAMC CALI was ever one of the old groups in SL lead by Crook Bravin.
After he left (?), a second HAMC CALI was formed by Adam Nakim. This Group had several new presidents after Adam stopped being active.
Near the fall of this group I became Member Secretary, but before its fall health issues kept me from being active myself.

HAMC CALI somehow always appealed to me. I think it is the magic of its name, the delight to see its name on the vests.

As HAMC CALI died off, and the most active leader Bell Krokus also showed sign of exhaustion to keep it running, and was not successful in getting rid of the other, no member co owners, I suggested her to found a new CALI. Not a second, nor a third or fourth, but a brand new CALI... HAMC CALI NOMADS.
Having a new group, it could be without Sparky, Blade, and Baddog. Then there was no need for asking them to leave, but just starting over.
As its name is telling, this CALI would be NOMADS. Nomads, because we indeed had no base, we had to start wandering, riding to a far destiny, taking unknown roads. The aimed destiny, a sort of El Dorado, would be the fusion with the first HAMC CALI of Crook Bravin.

I then founded the HAMC Cali Nomads group. I made Bell Prez. We both agreed that HAMC CALI NOMADS was meant to be a group back in the shadow, not being official, not having official Members. That the roles and ranks were only a frame.

Still months later I left HAMC REBELS. I left after a last clash with some dudes who feel they are more important than others, and even feel they can commend members of an other Chapter. In stead of first addressing their concerns about me with me, they cried out to my president.
Being fed up with dudes who confuse me by BEING BIG and SMALL at the same time, and no longer wanting my president to be their Daddy, I left.

It was during this time I asked Bell to rank down as Prez, allowing me to be, for she was not that much active at all.
Her reply made me see the other Bell I had not met. She demanded me to leave HAMC CALI first, else she would nt rank doen, and even stay owner of HAMC CALi Nomads.
This made me do the same trick as before. I dissolved all the HAMC CALI NOMADS groups, got rid of Bell, and again founded the HAMC CALI NOMADS groups, all being cleaned from occupiers. Bell tried to do the very same as what knows what Sparky, Blade, and Baddog do to her.
And, in addition, I decided to do now too. I am stil co owner of Adams HAMC CALI and I will never give this away until this illegal remnant of CALI has dissolved.

Last week I send a notecard to a few other HAMC peeps about Hells Angels California Nomads SL.
SL is a village, and like in a village news is spread fast. I did not consider this nc as being news, or that important, yet it found its readers, and it caused some shit of turmoil.
As being told some expressed to war on me, others to ignore me.

They only concern I have is the violation of me, and all HAMC s SL included... Copyright Infringement of the Real Life HAMC !
By starting and announcing HAMC CALI Nomads, I utterly express to be aware of this, to be the first to invite the RL HAMC to stop all of this SL HAMC crap, and that it is part of me to inform them about us violating.
That until the time of ending this silly crap in SL, HAMC Cali Nomads will ride to its destiny, lawless, baseless, free.

That HAMC CALI Nomads is not expecting, awaiting, needing, anyones approval, not of any other self claimed HAMC.
That if there is any law or rule in SL making one HAMC a 'true' HAMC, it is the rule of anyone can found, and act like one. Just take a look and count the number of HAMC s and this is my proof !
So.. Not to be recognized by other HAMC s as HAMC is the real rule, part of being another HAMC !
HAMC CALI Nomads is nothing else than another number to that row !

HAMC World, one of the numbers on that long list, and having its subordinated chapters started with acting as the central organ deciding for approval about new HAMC Chapters.
According to them only chapters under the rulership of HAMC World are HAMC. All others, which is still a long list of HAMC's are not !

It seems that none of those HAMCS not being approved by HAMC World made much concern. No.. they were afraid,they did not want to cause trouble, they just let it be, cowardly. Some of them even had a twisted relation with HAMC world.
I would call that treason, and disqualifying oneself.
I do not accept HAMC World, nor any other conglomerate to rule over the HAMC Chapters !
This makes me say, I do not recognize them as such, and i despise it.

Still apart from the megalomania of HAMC World there are more HAMC, presidents mainly, who feel to judge, rule, dominate other HAMCs.
Those in fact mirror the same grandiosity of HAMC World, even when despising World for the very same.
HAMC TEXAS prez Sparky is a textbook example of this.
Claiming TEXAS is the only real HAMC, by not allowing female members, living as much according the RL HAMC code, he deliberately does not show he is also owning more HAMC's than Texas. He of course knows this is not according the code, hides this in his profile.
Having a MC as a family, a brother hood, being one, does not go well with being a self centered person, only for own prestige, having a choking hierarchy, not allowing sub ranked members to be the add to that ONENESS.... Sparky, not different from most other self made presidents, having a big ego, self directed, own big boss, is not a team player. ... When being a solist, not a team player, how then to be able to run a Family ?

When not a team player, why then being founder of UNITED HAMC ? ...I can only think of one answer: its his quest for power, prestige.
The future of this young United is dark, and it will not bring the brotherhood among other HAMC 's.
As a matter of fact, Sparky silently does not recognize most of those other Chapters as HAMC. Enough evidence already passed he only sees himself as the only true HAMC Sure enough, a self claimed king of kings needs an audience as mirror for his greatness

Even more contradictionary is the fact that Sparky tied up with HAMC World. World, only recognizing their vassals as true HAMCs, not his, and he still has good relations with them ...

Concluding: Not being recognized is the norm ! Just ignore it :-)

I do

Here the appendix of a Notecard of Hells Angels California Nomads:

Hells Angels California Nomads - appendix on V1

Hells Angels California Nomads SL:

- is the most beautiful HAMC, its name, its colors, its vests
- is in its origin not different from any other HAMC
- is in applying the RL HAMC code selective, and ordinating, and being open about
- on top is all chapters are Independent, having their own structure, policies. There is NO Overruling HAMC !
- Being independent, Chapters are free to allow female members, and having more than one HAMC ownership
- is just like any other HAMC, being or not being recognized as HAMC, just like any other HAMC.
- Recognition as HAMC is not part of an objective procedure, it is pure emotional, subjective.
- is not dependent on being recognized by others
- is like any other HAMC SL a violation of the RL HAMC copyrights
- has and will continue informing RL HAMC, request for intervention and ending this violation
- is and will stay allied with HAMC REBELS
- will define violence as an act of war, over ruling the code, answering by war by any means
- will not surrender, offering their colors, dissolve
- is as much a HAMC as it is another MC
- is not walking away from disagree, differences, discussing, sharing, argueing, like most other HAMCs do, and start becoming violent

- Independent Chapters is logically having different views
- having a United HAMC suggests a place to disagree and to come to agreements, settlements, else this does not make sense.
- Growth includes differences, and allowing those to be shared, making the best of it, No growth without rebels !
- Presidents failing to discuss, accepting, embracing differences are no presidents

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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