Real Life MC to Second Life MC; To all SL MC presidents, to all the Real life MC Presidents

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Real Life MC to Second Life MC; To all SL MC presidents, to all the Real life MC Presidents

Post by Liberty on Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:31 pm

Real Life MC to Second Life MC

The official, public mission of a motorcycle club (MC) in real life (RL) is to provide its members support with their hobby of motorbikes, and organizing trips. Members pay an amount of contribution, and in return the Club can arrange all kinds of technical, commercial support for its members, as well the members can have short or longer trips with each other.
In second life (SL) non of those aims, nor any of its unofficial aims make much sense. In SL MC 's are not much of a support for repairing, customizing, buying bikes, and neither to they contribute much with regards to organizing trips.
By the lack of this main aim of a RL MC the SL MC is factual dead : or, it does not make any sense

Despite of this great uniformity all SL MC 's suffer, there are many different MC 's, many different HAMC 's even.
It is interesting to stand still by this. If there is not any good real reason like in RL to have a MC in SL, then why do we have so many MC 's ? … They all suffer the very same main aim ! There could be one big bikerhood, all bikers sharing one and the same thing : all having no meaning !
Not spinning around about it, but direct to the point : SL MC 'scan at best be seen as gaming in the game of SL. And, as there is not one MC game, and as no one claim the game to be played as they want, and as no one else would even accept that claim, we have as many MC games as we have MC 's.
This is a given fact, and no one will ever be able to change this in SL. Try it, and find out what will happen. Or, take a close look at HAMC World, subordinating their Chapters under one uniform corset.

Still, a very often heard claim of those MC 's is that they want to be as much as is possible a good imitation of the RL MC. Well then , how to start being a good copy when the main aim of a RL MC is already not copyable to SL ?
So, forget about this, just skip over to founding the MC anyway, and from there building its Organization. The founder is of course the one who wants to be the president. So, when founding that MC, the president is one of the same, a fact. But to be more, the MC needs more members.

Of course, the organization of the MC can be copied to SL. Some members will become staff members.
But, assuming the organization can be copied without having the same aims, is silly again.
An organization of a club getting contribution payments, and spending this money to accomplish its aims, offering support with bikes and trips for its members, is different from an organization with other aims. Such an organization then will also have other functions, other procedures, other interests, methods. Such an organization may very well need other roles, other qualities, skills, ranks
Would a SM MC really need a secretary, a treasurer ? Does not the president want to be the center person receiving and writing all mails ? And, is not the president doing most of all costly investments like renting a sim ? Would he need, even want someone else to watch over money ?
In fact, the same can more or less be asked about all the ranks with their functions. Taking the RL functions of those ranks from a RL MC to SL will make clear none of those make actually sense. Maybe just one function more, one serving the security of the sim against visitors with bad intentions, might make some sense. Only in case the MC would employ more activities, like bike building and selling, customizing bikes, one or more functions might be needed.
The Organization of a SL MC might then be : The President, a Vice President, and a Sgt. A RL MC would do the same if they did not have more things to care about.
Bottom line is : Stop copying things blindly when there is no real sense of doing so. Show to be a Real SL MC by not being that silly. Doing that silly copying is not at all making one be more real.

Some SL MC 's reject female members because some RL MC 's reject. There might be a reason why they reject females. I do not know the reason. Maybe it has good reasons. I have less problems with SL MC 's rejecting female member than with those who copy and paste RL MC 's blindly like bringing in a organization with plain meaningless ranks. For, any rank should be serving the main aim of the MC, and will be connected with a couple of functions to get there. If a MC does not want female members, even only because some RL MC 's do so, then it is fine with me. Its their good right. If it is smart and wise, is up to them.

Still the main aim of the SL MC remains unclear. Perhaps the best answer is to role play a RL MC. To RP a RL MC in SL one still seems to be unclear about what to RP .
As said before, if we all would share this aim of RP ing, as well all being aware of the main lacks of the RL MC Aim, then, we all would be well in the same SL MC. But we are not ! … We are not in one and the same MC because being different is actually one of the possible drives of each having its own MC. And competing with each other, either passively or actively, is one of a the main energies keeping the various MC 's busy. So it seems that by lack of the RL Aims, SL MC 's are driven by being unique from the others, and by competition.
Indeed, for if anything keeps us most busy it is about gossips, jokes, insults, fights, as well with making bonds with others to be more safe.

If any is really serious about copy pasting a RL MC to SL, than this can be done by just a few basic, mindful arrangements :

- contact the RL MC to ask permission to use them and their material as SL replica, or
- steal the material of the RL MC to use it for the SL MC, or
- use any but RL MC name, and design own material
- describe the aim, and the means of the SL MC, make it an invite to attract members
- describe the way of organizing procedures of the aims
- describe who will be doing what, how, when, and eventually create functions to these
- keep the number of functions as low as possible, keep all as much central and flat (less ranks)

Remember, unless this SL MC will truly be able and willing to take the Bike Support, and Organizing Trips as main aims of the MC, in order to be as much real it will be needed to have other aims. Again, to be as real, it is not about copying the content, but copying realism !
As a result of this, blindly copying the RL MC organization is as much wrong. Not copying the content and look, but copying realism to SL require a realistic, functional organization that will fit with the SL MC aims.
It does not make any member help much when ranking as treasurer when there is virtually nothing, no money to take care of. It does no make a secretary feel good when it is not meant to be the central contact person to and from the MC, as well the person taking care of the information inside.
It even does not feel any VP well when the Prez is always on line, for a VP is only replacing the Prez. A VP is not a second Prez, and therefor it will not do anything else or more than what the prez already must have made clear to all, and best by a clear written description of the entire MC, with its mission, organization, procedures, functions, duties, etc.
If assigning a Sgt at Arms as a required function to the SL MC, then most likely this function will be to take care of security. Without allowing the Sgt with all the sim rights being needed to control the security, this will be just another meaningless silly function. And if the role and power of the Sgt over and with the Prez is not well described, it is again just another member.
Do not honor most honored members by just ranking them to silly meaningless ranks. This is not the RL MC way either.

It will be most hard to give a SL MC serious, sensible, attractive Aims.
As most SL MC are not capable bike builders, havin full perms of whatever bikes, and because making trip throughout SL is far the same from making trips in RL, the RL Aims of a SL MC will hardly be copied to SL.
As an alternative Aim some in SL think and say that copying a RL MC as much as possible is the Aim.
Not even being able to have a SL MC with the fundamental reason of a RL MC, this is exercise seems to be ill right at the start. As such it is impossible to have this near copy of a RL MC as main aim !
What does come most near to this is Fantasy Role Play !
So, if it really is to keep up the aim of having a most near copy of a RL MC, then be clear its AIM is Role Play. And if this is what it will be about, then start mentioning this clear above all. Let all know that it is about a fantasy RP.
However, if this is not what is really wanted. If it is desired to be a more serious MC, then come up with serious meaningful adjustments of the MC to SL conditions. And, then accept that whatever MC it is that serves as a replica from a RL MC, that it by definition cannot be its outer look ! It has to be adjusted to SL ways, possibilities, conditions.
Either the SL MC is a fantasy role play, or it will at least have some more serious aspects related to and with SL

As far known, all SL MC 's show to be somewhere in between.
At one side they all have blindly copied a RL MC blindly, claiming it to be as much as real, being rigidly focused on outer looks, lacking its true functional ways, actually only being made for the owner, the president, and those others who commit them blindly to this president, no matter how phony, wrong, and actually more looking like a mindless puppet to allow this prez all its power to be of command.
They are so serious about themselves being as much as possible real, not aware, or not expressing it is actually a Role Play. One can say, they are a role play without evening knowing it, taking themselves too serious, being lost about themselves being a role play.
At the other side, and as result of being lost from reality testing and role play awareness, they are into more serious actions other than a RL MC, and using the SL conditions to war others, including other MC 's
The wars are a result of one not recognizing the other as a real MC, or being a superior MC.
Funny, all are very bad copies of a RL MC, still claiming to be so near real, therefor at most being a fantasy role play, and still fighting an other being as much fake and phony.
They all seem to be so much focused on outer look copies, behaving, acting, doing. They do not seem to have time left, or being capable or willing to address some general RL Biker Values like, Honor, Pride, Respect, Honesty, Reliability, Freedom, ….Brotherhood.
Of course RL Bikers are almost like other human beings. All lie, no one is Reliable, and Respect is more a word, an ideal. Freedom is not being aware of the cage, the trap all of us are in.
So are SL MC bikers too.
But, some more awareness of being more reals than supra humans, being less shouting, less window dressing about those values would not be a shame. Shame is when keeping those values up, and missing all of it.
Most SL MC 's are not only a bad copy, they are a Shame as well
Abusing a RL MC as their Idols, missing the real copy to SL, unaware of this basic lack, they expose themselves as real, unaware they are the worst of all, lost in a Role Play they even do not, and fighting each, or fearing each ….

If I would be a RL Prez of a MC, no matter which one, having some time left, enough time to make something irrelevant like SL relevant enough, if it was only because of principle, I would contact the lawyer of the organization to contact Linden Lab to get this sickening role play of copyrights theft and shame to the RL MC to an end.

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