Real Hells Angels _ Please, come to SL to end our theft of your copyrights (revisited)

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Real Hells Angels _ Please, come to SL to end our theft of your copyrights (revisited)

Post by Liberty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:04 pm

Over time in Second Life (SL) while wearing my HA tag (a label above my avatar showing the group I am in, a SL HA Group, and my rank), my vest with the Dead Head, several times when visiting some public venue in SL I got an Inter Message (IM) from some guy who told me about me being violating the Real Life (RL) HA copyrights.

Of course I am, just like many others, and like many others too who are violating the copyrights of other RL MC 's.

By stating that I am not the only one doing this I do not intend to say that it less wrong of me.
For a long time I was not in a SL HA group, I had my own MC which was not related to a RL MC, well, as far I know: the WasBeez.

Yet, one time I was asked to join a SL HA Group, and because I liked the guy asking me I joined.
From that time I did not leave the Dead Head, despite of all the crap that is connected with it in SL.
Because of this shameful crap it is a good reason indeed to step out of it. But a good reason to stay in is to fight it from within. This was my choice so far.

Those persons who IM ed me to give me a lecture about copyrights claimed to be RL HA..
Apart from the fact that in SL anyone can claim to be whatever they want to, I treat all those IM 's sincerely, and with respect. But it does not matter who they claim to be. They can say they are the president of the United States, or from whatever MC. In SL all are the same to me.

Keeping it to those who told me they were are still are HA member, my standard answer is that no one in SL should bother me with these claims.
I refer them to Linden Labs, and to the RL HA lawyer to stop our violation.

In fact, this is the best option, and the option I really would like to see to start.
Until tat time I want to stay as what I am now, meanwhile being a president of my own charter.

I think I have explained this choice somewhere else in this Forum. I do not want to leave before the rest leaves the field too. I do not give in for a bunch of jack asses claiming to be more RL SL HA than I am. I do not want to give in for those who really make a shame of the Dead Head.
Yes, I am a woman, and this also is one of the reasons I have heard often. But, in SL HA is NOT RL HA, it is SL HA.
Moreover, with my HAMC I do not want to claim to be as near as possible to the RL HAMC.
In fact, to claim to be as near as possible to the RL HAMC is a mission impossible.
There is nothing in SL to be a Motorcycle Club. ...We do not organize realistic trips, nor do we really support members with their bikes. There is no pragmatic reason for people to join in a SL MC.
My HAMC does not have an equal organization structure with all the ranks, chain of commands, etc.
Member to not have to pay contribution, so no treasurer. And, as I am pretty well able to receive and distribute information, I do not need a Secretary. And, because I do not see a reason to have someone else being my direct replacing person, I do not have a Vice President.
We do have a Sgt at Arms, for we do have some conflicts, and we do care for security.

So, my HAMC is basically using the RL colors, we have our SL bikes, but we do not play HA. We have our SL mission, and one part of it is not being part of those who seem to see the colors as an excuse or reason to cause bull shit.
We are not rough or tough, we are steady. We are not in SL to cause others any harm or threat.

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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