Second Life and Motorcycle Club 's; Babushka, Babushka... what is inside the deepest inside of you ?

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Second Life and Motorcycle Club 's; Babushka, Babushka... what is inside the deepest inside of you ?

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Second Life and Motorcycle Club 's
Babushka, Babushka... what is inside the deepest inside of you ?


BY :

In search of what defines life, in poetry, books, song, quotes one can often find Life is a game, a dream.

In second life many claim their second life is as much real as real life, and many of those than also expect the other to take them, and themselves as much real.
But, what is really real ? If we are willing to define real very wide, then indeed, then all what we can see in life is real. Our lies, our double lives, our games. Wars, cheats, misery, hate... Love too, yet also not always that endless and free from war, cheats, misery, hate.
And if we are willing to define ourselves real in a same wide way, we are real, with our lies, fantasies, self deceptions, identifications, etc., included.
Life will be too complex to define well by just claiming it is only a game, and similarly we will not only play, but to a large extend we do, making life a game.
Seen in this perspective, Second Life cannot be more serious than real life.

In order to claim that second life and real life are the same there should be no other life than second life, which is not the case. Second Life can only be seen as a part of the real life, and only of those on this planet who are playing it, or, if one insists, living it. Second life is not the same as real life, but both can be seen as a game we play.
The real life puppet can be seen as a Babushka puppet, maybe part of a bigger Babushka, and second life is a Babushka somewhere inside.

Opening the second life Babushka puppet, many puppets appear. A few of those seem to be more real than others.
There are creators and sellers, like in real life, yet creating and selling pixels. Still, inside second life pixels are visible entities. Being there too as a pixel avatar we can see the pixels of other avatars, like we can write by pixels. There might be even pixels of Babushka Puppets, and some might even be opened with little Babushka 's inside.
All of what we can see as pixels can be seen as art. Everyone 's avatar can be seen as art, like all the other visual pixel stuff can.

Less visible, more suggestive are the stories than can be made in second life, like the Role Plays in second life. Without the help of the visual pixel art, those role plays would not be much more than a chat box for writers. Then it would take much more fantasy, imagination, and suggestive writing skills to be entertaining.
What would be left of a second life Motorcycle Club ?
Then there would be no bikes to see, to ride. There would be no vests with the patches. No imposing avatars with beards, chewing gum, cigars, guns.
Then those who would still be in a MC should compensate all by having good writing skills, and, to have its members. It would would be way more relying on good communicative qualities to keep all interesting enough in order to have those members, also being well enough skilled and motivated to be in such a role play.

Would we have MC 's in a non visual chatbox? Could we then still play biker ?
Maybe we still would have, yet way less, and way less likely. But, most of the visual pixels second life has to offer are not even that essential ! In fact, most of those pixels are only for the eye, the suggestion. For, most times those bikers hardly ride on a bike at all. And all other visuals are merely just symbols and symbolic. Only because technical progress brought voice chat into the game, its main part, communication, became the preferred alternative of Writing. Was Writing in a non 3D chatbox the only main way of making it a entertaining role play, the 3D add on 's only symbolic furniture, voice chat made it still more easy.
And this is what we can see. Founding a chat group for a MC was always easy, but without all the visuals it was not too attractive to join in. With only written chat it still was a barrier for any with less writing skills. Voice chat made this still more easy. MC 's became a very popular role play.

One important factor that contributed much to the popularity of role playing an MC, leading to many MC chatgroups, were those places in second life where bikers, MC 's can meet each other. One MC having nicer vests, painted bikes, flags. Actually, every biker and MC having its own role play. And with every new MC, another role play inside the general MC role play was added. Those adds of role plays inside a general role play even accelerated its popularity. Looking best, most real, and being the best became the game of competing each other. Part of that game of competing was being most powerful with all kinds of weapons. Yet, still meeting each other on the public biker sims of course is the best way of exposing ones looks, and might.
Perhaps Motor World with its many connected sims making it together as Route 66 only open for bikers, was the best place. Not only for riding, living, selling, but also for meeting, showing, and competing. Competing each, and even the sim owner was such a success that it finally ended up as the result of the fights.

Now Motor World is no more as it was, and only a having single sims left where bikers can meet, not specially sims where they still can have their sky drives, even more dance clubs like Wet Willies, the cat walk for showing the best bikers fashion, the combat zone to show who has the best weapons, the MC scene also seems to be dying.
The MC scene in second life, its endless, ridiculous rivalry by use of public sims as their battle playgrounds, killing the joy of those owners, is as much killing what once was one of its main attraction : an endless need to expose themselves, not as the best looking girl on the cat walk, but as the most annoying kids playing war.

Now most MC 's who still want to keep it all up have their own sim.
Motor World Track, only one sim, was sold. It was bought for a serious amount of money, obviously with the idea to keep its old glory. But most of what is left over of Motor World is its name. The sim has already had various owners, none ever could even stand in the shadow of what it was. Fact is that it only costed money, and that it is not paying back well, and that it never will.
Other sims owned by one or few MC 's do not do any better. What once was HAMC World at Nova Island, is no more either. And other, less old, less famous sims for bikers, do not do either.
Those private sims being owned by one or a few MC 's are not that open, that public. And even when still open, they are less attractive, and they might be owned by an MC having bad relations with another.
This is the outcome of being the most mighty, powerful MC ! Being left alone on ones own sim without much traffic. An expensive venture without good commerce, a big home for a few. Role play for rolling pay.

Back to the MC Role Play.... Now dying slowly, even if one does not agree with me, MC 's not only more set back to their own expensive sims, are not less divided than in those days where they could fight each other so well on public sims.
There is so much idiocy keeping those second life MC 's up, and against each other, instead being kept up by at least some pragmatism, as far possible in any fantasy role play. It seems the MC role play main pillar is crap, and only crap. Even too crappy for being a role play.

At best it is a play of a few individuals who ever founded a chat group, gave it some name with MC inside, and did or did not manage to get in some members doing like is being held appropriate. This founder owns the MC, and will of course take the role as the president. A good trusty to him or her will become Vice Prez. Depending if and how many of those friends are available, they will be ranked as Sgt, Sec, etc. Enforcers, Road Capt can be more easily given to any. The rest will be member.
Whatever the real life MC 's do, why who becomes what, and how they fill in the functions of those ranks, in order to make real sense those persons will have to be well skilled, having the capacities, time, drive, to complete those functions into a whole unit of one organization having its aim.

What aim do second life MC 's have at all ?
Best I can see is, role play. Role play that could be done without even the need of a 3D environment. Maybe even better, more dedicated, less people joining in only because of the fancy stuff.
Unlike real life MC 's second life MC 's do not need to be supporting its members with bikes and riding. The only reason is to pretend some MC, yet most cannot get much further than having a real life MC in mind as the example. Of course, some might even want to try to be as much like a real life MC.
In fact, in second life MC Role Play most of those players want to be as much as their example real life MC.

However, not being needed as support to its members for motor maintaining, trips, what is then its main aim ? It does serve the founder, being president to tell others. Telling what a real MC is about, how it is run, how to act as member. Exposing him/her self as knowing so much, impressing others. It of course would be a difference if one is, or was a real life MC member, pretending it would be a second best, to impress. But, in second life it actually does not make that much sense if one is, or was a real like MC member. And although I am not, and never was a real life MC member, and thus not able to speak for any, I cannot imagine any real life member who really is so desperate trying to be one in second life. For, there is about nothing so hard than being after the best imitation of a real life MC in second life. About all real life components and gains of a MC are simply missing in second life.... The best way this could be done does not require second life, not even a chatbox play, but a real life book.
One can write a real book, finish it, make it get public, and.... earn the money for each book being sold.
There may still be other books, but when on the shelves the work is done.
So without motor support, trips, and even without any unofficial aim and gain some accuse MC 's of as the real motive, criminal profits, in second life there is nothing of those to have and keep up a MC. It only costs money. The criminal activity is even stealing the material of real life MC 's !

So, to start a second life replica of a real life mc one starts with theft.
Next one has to skip all real components that drives a real life MC. In order to still claim to be as real, real life way of organization is claimed to be a good copy, which is also not the case, nor possible. Without having more better than trying to look as much as a real life MC, without its real or hidden aims, the organization has to be different as well !

Maybe it still needs a Vice pres, in case the Prez. Is not on line, but as the prez is the most motivated member, so inclined to have its own mc, it is not too likely he has more other things to do, not in second life, and perhaps not even in real life.
What about the need of a Secretary ? …A Secretary in second life seems most abundant when already having the prez being the center of communication, contact person. Having already a less clear needed Vice next, what then is the functional meaning of a Sec. ?
There can be a functional role for having a Sgt. Although the prez, and a Vice will have enough security stuff and weapons themselves, as this is still good to defend themselves, a Sgt might still be handy given the fact that what keeps most MC 's alive is each others fightings. Still, is fighting what real life MC 's keeps up ? May be, yet, what is the gain of fighting each in second life ? No one will get killed, and no one should actually be scared or even feel intimidated by weapons. Linden Lab will finally end any real nasty weapon. Like with having one own MC sim, its only sucking ones purse.
What then still to say about a treasurer ? Would there really be one needed ? For club incomes ? For all the stuff being sold at the sim ? For the contribution members have to pay, and for what would they then have to pay ? A silent dead sim ?....
Then the Road captain... The Enforcer ….

The only true contribution to a second life role playing MC is the Member ! And, the more members, the better. Even in second life, where would a president be without members ? Would it be a president ?
And, if the MC is the president, if a president is only his own MC, not capable to motivate a team, its members, keeping it attractive, more for the members than for him alone, than that MC is either occupied with most dumb slaves, and virtually not even capable to do its very last thing well, namely good role playing.

Yet, it seems to be so. Its merely only the prez., not much ruling the mc as role playing organization, but as a vain person looking for own prestige, which is showing the Babushka what is inside the pres. The prez who claims to be after a real copy of a real life MC, not having any real life aim like in real life MC 's have, and still copying an imagined MC organization of Ranks t tell the rank below the rules, whatever these rules may be too, apparently also copied by imagination from real life. But they seem to miss, or ignore why those ranks in real life are, being seen as useful for those real life aims, together with the connected real life procedures, … They simply copy and past this to second life as if this makes any sense. The sense however is the chain of command.. And the sense of that is, being on top of than chain. What is has to rule by what and whom …. is fully unclear. Its actually just to polish the ass of the upper ranks.

Now getting the MC role play in second life still more specific to those Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs.
I have not counted them, but there are many, maybe more than any other MC.
Here again some prez copy and past an assumed or real rivalry among MC 's in second life. So, then Bandidos, Satudarah, Outlaws are a few examples of real life enemies. Those MC 's, among with still more real life copies are in second life. As far I know, no real life MC 's are hardly in second life. In order to be real, HAMC 's have bad standing with those, like in real life.
Whatever the reason more than this should be the case in real life, I hardly can see the meaning. I have seldom if ever heard about second life Bandidos attacking second life HAMC 's. What I have seen is that HAMC ;s are each other main griefers.

We can see the HAMC 's wearing the stolen dead head, copy and pasted the real life way of organization, yet without the functional meaning of this organization for real life aims. We can see HAMC 's excluding female role players, because this makes them look more real. But when it comes to basic, more fundamental aspects of the HA code, then we find most striking skewed escapes from real life.
I will show a few:
Its actually only a game. We are just human. What a HAMC does is not my concern. Brotherhood among HAMC ;s in second life will never be achievable. We want to stay neutral. We do not like drama. We just want to have fun. If HAMC 's fight each other then it is an internal affair.

In every profile, whether from an avatar or chat group we find copied HA statements, often in capitals:

HAMC 's break the records of mutual competition, rivalry, suspicion, hate, misunderstanding, avoiding.

HAMC 's do not show any more honesty than any other liar. It would at least be honest to admit this.
Yet, as a result of the suspicion against each other, as well of fear for some, lies may even break the average of honesty.

Not only being honest, but also honest no matter the condition is even more rare. HAMC 's are at best reliable at never being reliable.

What is respect without daring to be honest, and actually being inconsistent. Not only being inconsistent with regards to claim being a HAMC as real as possible, which simply cannot be as was described above, but even inside the Role Play, and to each and everybody.

How to speak about freedom when one does not even show to be free from rigid, senseless copy and paste of assumed real life HAMC 's, stealing their Dead Head Copy righted material, not even havin or showing to be able to create ones very own patch?
What is Freedom when being prisoner of a rigid tunnel vision about real life versus second life HAMC 's,.. avoiding to be honest, daring to show critic, having any self respect ?

Being in a second life role play HAMC, not in another, but in one. One feeling itself so good, well, better at role playing as real as ….possible, and ...being suspicious about the other HAMC 's.
Who of those self thinking members of a HAMC does not feel to be a dummy following, obeying a self made 100 L$ president by a curtain of smoke hiding it is actually a most ridiculous impossible attempt even to be as real as possible.... ?

Aware of all of those things I wrote, I indeed questioned myself often. Even before I became part of a role play MC, HAMC. And being during my time I could find me not one good answer. The only answer I had was, that this mess was a challenge to stay in. Not even expecting that much I could do to change a little. Not at all. A part of it was that I still felt challenged to deal with a few of those big mouths feeling so well as a good real faker.
This could keep me up for a pretty long time. But, even having this as my best reason explaining myself inside this, I somehow knew this is still a very thin weak floor. And I could wonder if and how long I would chose to keep my feet from that ground. From the floor, for .. there is not much of a floor. It is not even enough floor to be seen as a role play. It is a mosaic of multi role plays, Babushka after Babushka s.
It is a slow dying role play... its choking itself by what it is doing.

The deepest inside of the mc role play can be found at the very first babushka... Its another, an again, yet all as empty with nothing else than just the same. Most of us do not want to see the final Babushka opened. It would steal their content of being.

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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