Second Life HAMC's as a Game

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Second Life HAMC's as a Game

Post by Liberty on Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:35 pm

To me Second Life is a game. I even go further, sadly Real Life is a game too. I do not agree with those who keep on claiming that SL is Real, or Real Life. No matter what is brought into this, SL is NOT RL:

If SL = RL then RL = SL

this is nonsense, and therefor, SL is not RL. A chicken is bird, but a bird is not a chicken !

Of course one can still claim, and insist that ones SL = RL. To me this is absurd, but if one insists, so be it. But, then this one cannot claim we all have to follow this absurd way of thinking.

So, having now made the outline of field, of course as I see it, Second Life is a Game. Certainly, even in a game people can have true emotions, feelings, actions. Maybe this is why people play games, what else would be so exciting about playing games. In RL people also play games. Merchants, politicians, banks, media, and even lovers make you believe to buy their stuff. Interestingly, people so much express they detest lies, that they are honest. Yet, the history of lies and dishonesty goes way back. There has been written so much about lies, treason, betrayal that it can be stated that its part of all of us. And so, indeed, like in RL, people also lie in SL. SL is not better than RL.

The SL HAMC thing is a game as well. Its a game inside the SL game.
One should ask oneself: "why should I take part in such a game ?"
My answer is, that I basically do not know. Basically there is not any reason to take and make part of a MC at all.
Yet, I make part of a HAMC, though it could have been any other MC. And, now I am part, I do have some 'reasons' to stick to my Hells Angels MC REBELS. One reason is that its rebelling against the overall assumption that this is a SL wide accepted game, having general acceptance of its rules. There is NOT one instance that has defined rules, and those who are doing this, are by definition not acting alike the RL HAMC code. There is no RL HAMC governing all HAMCs. HAMC World is such a controversial HAMC.

The various ideas about being a HAMC, or even an HAMC being most like the RL HAMC are causing quite a view, even 'serious' disagrees. As far a SL Game can be serious, the disagrees between HAMCs show to have strong personal aversion, hate, and resulting in griefing, insulting, threatening, and attacking each other. Again, HAMCs doing this are quite far from the RL HAMC code.
I had some discussions with members of different HAMCs involved in these actions. One time I was told that its all just a game ! Wow, so true. But, why then stil so serious, and doing so emotional about it ? ...This revealing statement about just being a game was made when this member apparently had no more other reasons to defend the ongoing inconsistency of what is going on. So, calling it just a game was about the least resort to cling on.

As said, I am the first to call SL a game, and the HAMC thing is a game too. However, its still unclear what kind of game it is. As there are no general accepted codes, rules, etc, like in most games, what kind of a game is HAMC in SL ?
As noted before, and elsewhere on this forum, some HAMCs claim to be the game master, telling others how it should be played. Some claim to be as much like a RL HAMC. However, even when RL HA are member of such a HAMC, then it still is most obscure what this game is all about. It does nt reach further than just those members, or maybe their HAMC. But even those HAMCs mirroring the RL HAMCs can never be that close. Apart from not accepting female patched members, and likewise minor things, they hardly can get even close.
In stead of showing the sense of brotherhood, HONESTY, RELIABILITY, RESPECT, FREEDOM, as well HONOR, not fighting each other, they show to be little kingdoms of some president who is never being re elected, dwelling in own grandiosity, superiority, being the most real, tough, best. Moreover, in stead of solving issues of their competition with other HAMCs, forming a unity against other violent MCs, they most fight each other. And as such, they are responsible for the BIG SHAME other violent MCs bring to the entire SL HAMC. If there is any MC in SL being most laughed about, it is the HAMC. Indeed, many of these MCs even are right ! The HAMC have violated the copyrights of the RL HAMC. Not even being able to defend the HAMC deadhead by internal conflicts, they are easy meat for all other MCs doing better than them.

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