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Bikes in Second Life

Post by Liberty on Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:21 pm

There are many builders of motor cycles in SL. When I came to SL there were mot that many. Then, still having a slower PC, one of my first bikes was bought purely because of its look, the one Dennis Hopper had in his movie Easy Rider. I adored that bike more than the One Perter Fonda had. But here in SL it appeared to be a pretty lousy bike. Not quite good to drive. So, one of my first serious bikes was the Bomb, made my Motor Loon. Perhaps because of my slow PC, likely I was still not that skilled in driving, I also had difficulties with driving that bike. Then I got to some bikes from Hells Scream (HSCC). Still being a n00b, I found his bikes were good for me to handle. Then I also got me a Jazz bike, which was not bad either. ...But, still something was not feeling good. Both bikes, Jazz, and HSCC in a lesser way, were, as I call it, 'floating'. Using the breaks made them stop almost at once, and driving was more like .. sailing, and unstable. Steering could cause most unexpected swings. And trying to speed up was doomed to fly from the track, even sim.
For a long time I preferred HSCC bikes, until I got a better PC. I found that even from the same builder, the bikes all had their very own characteristics. Some were pretty much 'glued' to the asphalt, whereas others hardly needed to be lifted in order to have a bird under my but. Some could go quite steady through the curves, whilst others had to be corrected more than once to finish the curves well. Some were extreme sensitive in steering, others were less, more calm. The gravity of bikes can range from almost being unable to lift up, up to being very easy to lift, even flip back.
It was also the time when I noticed that Motor Loons bikes gave me the best experience. Indeed, all of his bikes also differ, and I also prefer some of his bikes above others. But, to me Loons bikes are still the very very best in SL. Now, I am not capable to know all other bikes, but I do know that most other bikes use the very same scripts. And, although the best scripts being available at Market Place are not that bad at all, I have these myself too, they still are not as good as the ones of Loon. It may very well be that newer bikes are looking very good, even better than Loons. Well, so be it, I still want bikes that give me the best riding experience. I am not interested in a wide variety of poses, and not at all in sex poses. Bikes are to ride the bike. Then, apart from the riding experience, I feel that Loons bikes are still good looking too. His bikes offer a fantastic way to customize its textures. Many other bikes in SL do not, and do not or rarely offer the templates for paint jobs.
All in All, I say: "If you want a real good bike, get you at least one real one, A MCLL Smile

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