Second Life and Real Life - Different ideas about Reality

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Second Life and Real Life - Different ideas about Reality

Post by Liberty on Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:52 pm

This post is a more general view on Identities, not in particular about SL bikers and their clubs. It is interesting though, as well for and to bikers.

A very frequent seen claim inside the profiles of SL inhabitants is that SL is RL. That the AVI has a Real Person. That those who deny, ignore this, are wrong, fooling themselves, and maybe even others. Yes, some profiles are most absolute about this, and not without judging.
I do not agree that SL is RL, and that an AVI is one Real person. First of all, I do not agree there is one Real person. You do not have to suffer a mental Illness to be more than just One Person. Moreover, being able to adapt to ones environment in Real Life is mediated by different ways of being. In RL we are not always who we thought to be. We all will have had situations wherein we suddenly find us behaving, feeling totally different, and to one own surprise. We might still keep up that that new emergence of our self is still the only One Self. Looking at the self this way, that we can change, that we can see a totally new unexpected response by our self, still being that One Self, then we agree. But we do not when we see ourselves as One and Known Given person. we all are also what our environment let us be. We can be most unpredictable to ourselves, even if we do not aware this.
Let me now make a cut, dividing what we often see as our Person, the inner, and the outlook. Imagine yourself, you Inner, that One person, having been born with godlike look, very beautiful. Accept from me that the look is so influential for the rest of your life, your success. Good looking people have way more chances in life, opening doors, love life, affection etc. Would not that greatly influence your Inner? Of course so !
Assume yourself as police officer, inside your uniform, and inside a pink bikinis. Would you be acting, and feeling the same ? Imagine a biker without colors, and with colors. Imagine a biker with colors alone, and as with a group of bikers. Imagine you as female biker with a dark voice, or a biker guy with a female like voice ? etc etc. All these will also make how you feel, how you feel being seen, and how you are seen. Your self would change as soon something innate suddenly would be different. Suddenly becoming amazing beautiful, or ugly.
The One we are, or think to be, is way more divers and complex than we assume.
SL is not the same as RL either. But, of course, if one says that SL has become part of RL, since it now is here for several years, then we agree. But, still, SL is Not RL. SL can at best be a part of our RL. the one can still question if one is spending so much time in Sl has a RL. There will be a Law: Th emore one spends time in SL, the less there is a RL, and in its extreme wil even result there is none of both: either by lack of money to have connection, or by health issues, death.
In SL there are so many things not possible in RL. Get a bike accident in Sl and you are fine. Get killed and live on. Have more Avis, alts and you can do whatever you want with these, all being alike, or all being most different. About Alts also much can be read in profiles. A common idea about Alts is that they show that that person must suffer some kind of RL mental disorder. Ridiculous, assuming that is also a mental lack. Having alts can have as many different reasons. Some loves to decorate houses, others also love decorating AVIS, alts. Alts can be used as storage for items inside their inventories, as part of Role Play too, And, like in RL some ppl, Pop stars, royals, sometimes go under cover, and as such in SL can also be a normal reason to go under cover, not being that Host, not being that Owner. Yes, alts of course are also used for having multi secret love affairs, treason, spying... like also in RL
The so often seen claims inside profile to be REAL are so unrealistic. There is not one REAL, REAL is changing all the time. If there is anything REAL, then it is that it is always changing. As it is very REAL that Honesty, truth is but a chimera, a dream we are after, and a trait we so much adore to rely on, that it is tempting to see ourselves as, and suspect the other is not. Even that assumption about oneself and the other is not honest. Just read all what mankind left for us since we started to write. Even there we can find our struggle with honesty. Honesty is like God, some see God all day, some never did. And one can question who of both is seeing, or blind.
Being Real, and honest in RL is already like the rainbow. We all have seen rainbows, but none of us ever got at the begin of its arc. What then to expect about SL ? SL is indeed more REAL than RL, by its Lies, Chimeras, Beliefs, Wishes, we all also can have in RL. Truth is a Lie, REAL does not stay the same, and so our self does not stay the same.
In SL we can make us look wonderful. If you are Fat, Old, Grey in RL, in SL you can be slender, young, black haired. And, why should you make your avi look as Good or Bad looking as in RL? Why having a bad looking AVI in SL when you know that the look is also in SL making you liked, seen wanted, accepted, loved. Or, why not just have some basic clothes like the stuuf you get when entering SL and still trying to become member of a SL MC ? Why the need of wearing a vest, bandana, sun glasses, cigarette, chains, boots, hats? Why actually wear a Dead Head ? why not mickey mouse ? As if your Real self would suffer by wearing a Donald Duck on your tee shirt, but still acting alike a Rough, tough biker. (whatever one beliefs to do to act alike)

let me say, like in RL we also Role Play in Sl, we are all acting. Yet some take their role as real. Some even do not know they act.

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