About my Short Stay in the Syndicate Group: Critics About Chat Groups

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About my Short Stay in the Syndicate Group: Critics About Chat Groups

Post by Liberty on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:06 pm

Yes, it is true. I already wrote about The Syndicate Chat Group, and about this sort of Chat Groups in general. I already gave air to my critics about their use and functioning elsewhere.

I stated that none the groups I have been in showed much activity at all.

One explanation I have is the general tendency among the Chapters to be a Chapter on their own. I will have stated before that to my opinion there is more divergence among HAMC Chapters than with other MCs, that among other MCs there can be found more cooperation than between HAMC Chapters.

The rather bad understanding among HAMC Chapters might very well be by a common finding, that what is, was. or seems most close, is competing each. And, indeed, this can be found by the way HAMC World has positioned itself as the only legitimate HAMC in SL, and that only chapters being approved by it, is a real HAMC Chapter. As it seems, being approved also means that the President of HAMC World, Cheyenne Shan, will own that Chapter. At least, this far this is the picture: All Chapers belonging to HAMC world are owned by the HAMC World President.

Outside the HAMC World some other 'HAMCs' are around. Both sides have their Chat Groups. There are many of those, many showing to have a same purpose, almost none, if any, really come close to its purpose. Currently there is the Syndicate, maybe being most active outside HAMC World. It is founded and owned by the opposite HAMC United Stated Nomads, but there are also HAMC World members inside. Basically I most welcome the idea of having such a chat with as many possible chapters, members inside. For, because of the controversy among these sides, it is wonderful to have at least a place where all can meet to exchange ideas. But, also because of the controversy it will be required to have a solid moderation.

I got into the Syndicate by a way which seemed to be 'legal', according its 'rules'. I got an invite by my president. It seemed that Presidents can invite new members. My president did not invite me to support him. He was doing well on his own. However, I did agree with him, and also added my ideas. My ideas found way in two messages, both clean from insulting, blaming, but giving my opinion by reasoning. No one gave a response, just two notes with insults from HAMC World members.
Then, out of the blue, without a message, without anything, I noticed I was ejected by a Moderator. I then made contact by IM asking why. It was said that this mod was doubting if am A HAMC member. That even if I was, this did not seem clear enough in my SL profile. It did not expose enough pride!

No Solid Moderation !
The notes with insults did not result to ejection.
A mod overruled my legal entrance by a personal doubt about my being a 'legal HA member'. A doubt, but not even informing to ask about. 'Confirmed' by a low level of exposition about my HAMC relations in my profile, it was enough for one person to get me ejected.
But, by what rule? I never saw any Rules of that Group !
Such a moderation sucks ! It leaves a bad smell of censoring, and subjectivity.

Now the Syndicate has to be seen as contaminated, bad organized, bad managed.

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