Do we not amuse ?

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Do we not amuse ?

Post by Liberty on Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:20 am

Having read a most silly complaint of an Unknown sender claiming this Forum does not allow those who feel a shoe is fitting, cannot defend their poor hurt souls, I simply have to say they first should start reading better. For, this forum IS open for all Heavenly Actors of Second Life. Thus, that accusation is wrong.

Even more wrong is the accusation about me, or us, to live somewhere on this planet ( the sender feels to know where, but I will not mention this), but is wrong. Going on, the sender accuses us of stalking, griefing etc in SL, which never has been proofed, and never happened. The sender covered their own offenses, griefing, violations, aggression... Yet, we do have proof of this. The sender whines about exporting details from Sl outside, and that it is not allowed to do this, and that its all part of just a game... We say, that the sender playing that game is ruling their game over others, acting as if they are superior to do so. This Forum is a result of not agreeing with their arrogance by determining their game onto others, griefing, stalking, chasing, using weapons outside of combat sims, on neutral grounds affecting others.

.. I think these griefers now feel they are griefed by seeing back their own acts. .. How sad, then .. you should stop acting that like first.
You make it so easy to portrait your own sickening game as griefing, stalking, and whatsoever.
If you state in your profiles being that superior, the best, not to fuck with or else, then why now come here and act as a whining baby. For it is you who pose yourself as the tough people, the filthy few, the fight crew.
It was you too who caused people like us to be banned from chats where we were still in speaking terms. You people used censorship on us.

Then I also reply to those who came with claims that it is not allowed to belong to more than one Club. Who do you think you are to define a rule? Its not to any to determine the number of clubs one is serving. Sadly, I will not serve any one of your clubs.

Yes, this Forum is related to SL, and this is not violating any rule. We are free to have a Forum being related, and as an extension of our SL.
And yes, at a few spots sl names are used. There is nothing strange about this either.. There are more programs, also outside SL, that reveal ones SL names. Again, there is no violation here either. Like has been stated in these claims, we simply refer to RP names, no real names.

I finish those comments about using a death head in this forum being called an offense of Copy Rights To the Real Life HAMC. Knowing these do legally belong to HAMC, I do wonder why it is not allowed to use these on a forum, or Face Book, but are so widely abused in second Life.
Do not we then do better by changing our Vests, Cuts, names, in SL too ? .. As you can see the Death head is replaced by a SL hand, and the HAMC here stands for Heavenly Actors Mobile Cycles. If HAMC RL would take offence by using their colors in this forum, but saving Sl from these claims, then here my appreciation for that well meant advice. But, to me it does nt make much difference their color are used in SL. Stating that I by doing so might risk that HAMC RL also would end the act of playing HAMC in SL, makes me again feel a little sick. This almost suggests that it then would be by me. Pretty easy blaming. I reject this, and in return i now state that none of you actually should be allowed using their property, for one because its not yours, and secondly, because it feels like a cowardly hiding, putting the blame by me. Shut up!

I suppose, we are all actors in this.
Still, I am open and willing to talk about any offense towards the legal owners of the HAMC inside this forum. Yet, I suggest that all of you In SL using their colors do this at own risk:-) I would not mind when a RL HAMC has a look in here. It certainly does have some entertainment. I say,m none of us is HA by wearing their colors. If we stil have anything. it would be by heart. I assume RL HAMC are no this like childish, that they too can smile about this drama.

True, i am quite confused by the discrepancy of you inside SL as tough ones, and outside not able to wear a yellow diaper, and wearing it on your own skull.

Stop your silly accusations and silly unfounded lies, and join the forum. Make your points, do it decently, and we will discuss.

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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