A message to those claiming they cannot defend themselves against no matter what their claims are

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A message to those claiming they cannot defend themselves against no matter what their claims are

Post by Liberty on Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:23 am

Some people got here, already from the start wearing a dress as victim, not even having read well what has been written.
Those ppl always feel they are victim, yet they tend to forget their very own acts as aggressive insulting violators.

Those who got here, claiming I ever would have been stalking, or griefing them, are simply wrong.
They have their claims, but no proofs at all. I simply never did commit any of these actions. And thats indeed just why I am here. Showing those who did, will not escape their trial of truth !

If any did any stalking, insulting, griefing, then this can only be done by those who are now make their pity cries and screaming they are the poor victims.
Those likely will have a sim in SL, Nova Island. Fully protected, not allowing anyone to get in, or being most inferior to the defense and offense of the people owning the sim. Those people, now here at this door whining about feeling mistreated here, should have a look at their own acts, calling it a game. No one asked for the game you play and dictate. And, we are not a few thinking this about your game. Your sadistic sentiments by hanging people, with the names on their heads are tasteless, showing a sick pleasure.

Of course I very well understand your cries about this forum, taking the SL game, as you call it, in here. But simple mind, this forum is still only open for the same in crowd from SL. And you can be part of it. It is not like you claim to be closed. And I can understand you do not like this forum, for now you cannot hide the truth being expressed about you. You now face your lies being shared with the rest. The rest, just like you, using Honesty, Reliabilty, Respect, Freedom as wall paper. But, now you are confronted with the scratches on that paper, with your lies, your trick in hiding, blaming others, etc etc. It will bring you even in a harder condition when we show pictures as proofs of our claims against you.

Those ppl of course do not tell they came in dozens to a neutral club, Wet Willies, to show their power, using their weapons griefing stalking bashing me.
Maybe those people are indeed even more suffering brain damage. that they do not remember their actions. And, guess what, what one of yours did? Making a story about me to the Host of Wet Willies, that I was under aged, not even allowed to be at that club, telling stories i was known to have been banned at several others clubs, causing trouble. That Baglady certainly did a few dirty tricks at once: ! Lying about me, as if she knew me, making me get banned by these lies, causing me to become contaminated, and even messing with 'personal' information about me to another ! Just before, another of your so honored ladies, Dusty, busted me by use of a hud throughout the dance floor, causing others inconvenience, causing that Club inconvenience, and then putting the blame on me. I must say, you really dare. You are a lying 'HA', a true disgrace. And, I can proof all what I state here !

I did not do anything.
Of course, I reject these most groundless accusations. I will never bend for evil, and lies. You will not get me by your deeds, but I get you. And, I am not finished yet. More to be continued ! As far I am concerned, I will continue to stop your HAMC World fantasy. You either start behaving normal, or your dreams, myth, legend may dissolve.

So far Your accusations about me, or any of us having been griefing, stalking you, do not have any solid proof. The same can be said about us having been banned elsewhere. So, next time you better come INSIDE this Forum, and defend your lame accusations, or, as you stated, to give your nuance on these. Yet, looking at the Wet Willies Ban list I do see at least two names, alts, of your great President. And, when WW were not a little on your side, then this list could easily have been extended with Toxana, and Dusty. So, taking your false accusations from me, I hand you the proofs of your ppl in return.

About any ban that has been executed on me during my whole SL:
I have been banned, or ejected TWO times. One was from the Syndicate Group by Teena Kid. After sending two notes having my opinion and ideas about the HAMC World, reasoning why I do not, and cannot accept their claims of being the Top of and for all other HAMCs, not having one single filthy word, I was banned. No reason was given, I even had to ask her why. She then told me, she could not see that I was a HAMC member, that my profile was not exposing enough that I was proud of being one ! Pretty much ridiculous
The second ban was by a new host of Wet Willies, after i have been pushed throughout their club, being bounced to other visitors, and, by a nasty lie of Ladybag telling that I was under aged, have been causing trouble in more other clubs,m having been banned there as well. As said before, Ladybag even does not know me, we have never met, apart from the moment she was in company of the HAMC fighters to intimidate me at Wet Willies, and telling the host her lies. If any should have been banned it was herself, for sharing 'personal information', and false information, and Dusty Kranfel for her violence causing trouble at the Club.

About that silly pity claim of being defenseless I can say: "No, you are not defenseless. You can very well become part of this forum. You are most welcome to come up with your deal. But, the fact of the matter is, you did not take your chance when we were still in one chat, and able to communicate. You felt you won when I was banned, and muted. And that was just your mistake. For, I can discuss, you could only insult, lie, accuse, without proof or content." Saying it straight, you are not even worth carrying diapers with a dead head on it. Your ppl all look like if they come down from a cat walk for a hamc fashion show. You ppl are so much models, posers, exposers. Nothing would you leave off to feel self confirmation that despite of all you are lacking, you can be seen as ha. To me you only proof you need these, as a cripple needs walking sticks. And your ways of expressing yourself does nt reach the the age of 16. May there still have been those fearing you, or loving that role in your idiot game, then you will find it here.

Yet, how wonderful you did find this Forum. the link was not yet send to you by us... The Forum was not even a day on. We only send the link to more related partners to have a look. Wonderful indeed, how it still reached you too Smile Maybe we have friends being friends of you, whilst we cannot really state that we are friends, can we ?
And, now we finally do meet here at this Forum! That is fantastic, it is just what it was meant to be. Facing you at the front, allowing you to meet us, without the effort of you hunting us Smile So, put away your weapons, your pushers, orbitters, crashers. Stop hiding for the discussion we are challenging to you. What or who ever gave you a free ride to insult us without being banned, this will not happen here. And that is what you now will have to take as your new reality.

You are most welcome to be part of this forum, yet, this time you will NOT dictate what can be said. And, we will remove YOU when you cannot decently discuss. Yes, maybe you cannot cope with this either. You so often could come away by barking us out of your way, using tough, heavy words, calling names, cursing. If you cannot defend or explain your weak position without doing this, it is sad. This however is your problem.

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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