HAMC chapters in Second Life - How wearing its stolen colors can even bring more shame

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HAMC chapters in Second Life - How wearing its stolen colors can even bring more shame

Post by Liberty on Wed May 27, 2015 8:26 pm

In Second Life (SL) all of us can be what we like to be. If you want to be seen as a square, no problem, you can make you look like. If you want to look like a biker, it wil cost you some more Linden Dollars, and effort, but no problem. If you want to look as a HA, you just have to steal the deadhead from Google, get the right font, some clothing stuff to add it on, and, there you go.
But being just a that like poser is of course not good enough. So either you tell you are a RL HA, and whether this is true or not, it may make you being sen with more respect. But, admitting you are not, but wantin it displayed as much as real, can also pay you with that respect. In either way, you of course want to be the prez. And you will a chapter. If you do not yet have found friends in SL who see you as the big leader, you just need an alt, so you can add your chapter with one more member, else the group (chapter) soon will dissolve because of Linden Lab requirements: a groups is a group when there are at least two members. So now you are in. You wear the colors, likely stolen from the RL HA, you have a chapter, even stuffed with your alts. You claim to be the be the realest of the real HAMC by copying more of what you know about the RL HAMC. You do not allow women as members, you make clear, even way more clear than in Real Life (RL) that you do not fear anyone, will fight for the pride of the hamc. You will even shout this out by using CAPITALS so anyone can see "oh my gosh, this IS serious". You add more phrases in your profile, RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN. You do not mind insulting others, you see the use of annoying weapons LL so much love to sell to you as part of their commerce, as part of being a real HA. You buy crashers to blow up sims, clubs, and any other venue. Preferably you would like to claim it was you, yet.. this also might be a risk to be banned from a sim, or even SL !
For many just wearing the stolen Deadhead, having those weapons, and the SHOUTING OUT profiles full of threats, warnings and more of those phrases, is actually good enough. For, just wearing these, nd being such a hero is good enough. As being such a HA, claiming to be as much as real, why would make you prone to risks? Even more, you do not mind other HAMCs, as these are all just posers. But, if it has to be, you will fight against those also claiming to be real. No other HAMC chapter may be more real as yours ! Yours is the toughest, with you on its front.
Apart from HAMCs in Sl there are also Bandidos, Outlaws,. you name it, other MCs doing the same like yours, but using another RL MC as their flag. Then there are still MCs having made an authentic, not from RL, name. There is not much difference between all of these. Although some of these are not pretending to be tough, or the toughest. There are also MCs who love to make a laugh about those who stole the RL HAMC colors. They love to see them being crashed, to make a laugh about them.
Strikingly, its the HAMCs not doing that well when compared to other MCs. If there is any MC in SL where chapters are fighting, nd dividing each other, it will be the HAMC. There is no MC like the HAMC fighting each other, and being a laugh to those who are not HAMC. ....Any claim to be the most, the best real life copy of the HAMC falls by this division. Where other MCs still do pretty well in having a brother nd sisterhood, the SL HAMCs suck. If there is any more shame than this, than it is that LL is still allowing it to exist, to make money of griefing weapons, to ignore the violations of privacy, not to ban those violators stealing SL accounts.

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