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* Rules of The House *

Post by Liberty on Thu Dec 18, 2014 10:35 am

To be your Home, a few simple rules have to be regarded:

- its already given you will be a SL HA, which means, you do not have to proof you are by overacting, being rude, using bad language, insulting, discriminating attributions (race, gender, religion, etc) to others, inside, or outside this Forum.
As far you already Know, it has the values of Honesty, Reliability, Respect, and Freedom.

- Refrain from Rude Personal Attributions (RPA's):
You do not write curse names to a person "name is a curse name"
If you feel "name is a liar", it is expected you will explain why, and what was the Lie, and you will show where (quote) the Lie
More general, you will have to give your statements content, and the content must have proofs, evidence.
Simply accusing, insulting without any content will not be allowed.

- Refrain from attributions to a person having a bad suggestive content:
One can have a religion, life style, race etc, yet when using these in another context, making it become suggestive, then will not be tolerated:
"name is homo, jew, faggot, nigger lover, whore" are examples of being unacceptable

- Disqualifying the other on errors in the English Language
This is a Forum for anyone, also non native English, high educated people. Needless attacking the other on language, only to put one down, is not allowed.

- Refrain from Personal Suggestive Questions (PSQs)
Of course asking will be about what we here most expect. Asking is showing we do not know, and wanting to know. And, Who thinks to be a Know It All, or who so much feels caught by the known text line "If you need to ask, you will not Understand", then no worries too. Asking is just Fine !
But there are questions that do not really ask, but actually already include the answer: rethorical questions. As long these questions are still Free from suggestive, insinuating, personal content, it is fine. When not, then it is NOT allowed.
So, asking "are you a fag, do you do it with dogs, are you living on a junk yard" etc, are NOT accepted

- Threatening
This Forum aims to bridge disagreements, solve issues, being open and free. Threatening suppresses this aim, and cannot be accepted.
Warning the other does not have to be a threat, as long its content is constructive, supporting.

- Make your adds to fit at the static Threads, or, when not fitting to any Thread, then use the Hang Out Thread.

- Read the rules before Posting, for the rules might be updated.

- Expressing an opinion is highly encouraged, yet an opinion without further constructive funding is not
Opinions, no matter about what, have have more content to avoid simple, disrupting one liners. It is expected that a post has content.
Having no further content a post cannot be seen as an add, and will easily be alike shots in the dark, or even worse.

- We have the right to remove your posts without comment, and we have the right to remove you as member, without comment.
Yet, we do strive for being open, transparent, having clear rules and procedures for allowing members, postings, replies, removals, and bans.
We want to moderate the Forum without censoring.

To be allowed as poster
- one has to be member of a Second Life HAMC.
- members of other MCs are welcome too, yet having restricted access, having their own part (Members) on this Forum
- guests (non members) have restricted access to read, but are welcome to read and write at Guests

- Copy Right
This Forum is exclusively meant for the (HA)MC community inside Second Life.
Some parts are only open for defined Groups, and their members: Presidents/VPs, HAMC, and MC.
The content of these Groups are also meant to stay exclusively to these Groups and its Members.
Using the contents by copy to others outside these groups is NOT allowed, and no Rights or whatsoever can be claimed on illegal spreading of these contents to others outside these sections.
The contents of each section is meant to stay inside that section, and inside this Forum as well.

- Abuse
For any objection against this Forum, its content, the Moderators are the first to be addressed to.
The Moderators are here to take good care of the members, and the content at this Forum.
In any case they are the first to be addressed to in case of disagreement about members and content.
In these cases everyone, Members, and Guests are directed to them, or to the section of Report Of Abuse inside this Forum.
Anonymous objections will NOT be handled.

Admin and Moderator functions:
- There is no way for applying to these functions. Only by Invite

- In order to be active, one has to drop Libertyflea a Notecard in SL
This because this Forum IS SL related, and to be sure you are SL related too. Also because to sure your subscription is noted. Finally, this is to make sure who you are in SL, to know to which MC you belong, what your role inside that MC is, and to decrease the risk of having more than one alt.
The latter reason cannot be out ruled, but if the Forum will be added with voting, then it is quite justified to seek for a one person, one vote system.

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