The Why nd Why not's of joining this Forum

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The Why nd Why not's of joining this Forum

Post by Liberty on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:54 pm

There are very good reasons for not joining, even reading this Forum:

- you are not in Second Life
- you are not a SL bike
- you are not in a SL MC

If you are in an MC in SL:
- you cannot read (well)
- you do not care what is written
- you cannot write (well)
You then may ask what you are doing at all in SL

- You are not a staff member of the MC
- You are not a pres or vp
if you are, but not joining, you may ask what do you mean by RESPECT has to be earned ? Hopefully then not because of the colors you wear, not by the huds you have, the voice mail, and cam

- you are not a Sl HA
- you are not serious
- you can only insult, whine, blame, accuse, hide
- only SL offers you the opportunity to be Real
- you know that not communicating with others at least set you Free from being trapped as DisHonest, Un Reliable, not feeling Respected, and claiming Respect by other means than having and getting it, and you are not Free but trapped inside a small sim, inside the colors you copied

- You feel too good to be sharing
- You actually wished you started such a forum, but cannot stand someone else did it before you thought about it
- You are only what you want to be, and therefor avoiding all what could uncover and undress you from that

A good reason to Join: you are not alike those who do not join

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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