Making a Bet

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Making a Bet

Post by Liberty on Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:25 pm

Now this Forum has started, and already found critics about, like that it is Closed to others, not allowing to defend themselves, taking SL content and game fro SL outside SL, that it might cause the Real HAMC to end their HAMC game in SL, I bet the following:

As so many in SL are so much after pure own individual Gain and Prestige, not at all capable to work as a Group, not allowing any other to get away, get ahead with in itself good ideas, they will now or soon start their own Forum as well, just like they started all their own MCs, being Prez, or leader themselves, and doing their what they already do too in SL: making sure they have full control, excluding all others who might be a threat to their exclusivity.

I like to say this: If you cannot accept that no matter who has a good idea that can be fruitful for the whole, then you are NOT a Club minded person, and not at all a leader. You even lack the ability to join a real MC, because you are a lone wolf, or a tyran. A good leader leads more than one, and it delegates as much to another, as it facilitates as much for the other, all for the best of a Club. A good leader leads by leading as less as is possible, for leading costs time and effort. So a good leader leaves these to the others, in order to have new inspiration for vision, and the overall view.

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