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Welcome to the Forum

Post by Liberty on Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:26 am

Welcome at our Forum, and meant to be yours as well.

This Forum is meant to be a meeting point for Second Life MC members. (*
It is meant to replace the wide listing of all kinds of Chat Groups, reducing the number of Group Slots, and being a one for all solution.
Having such a Forum also greatly enhances the capacity of storing, readability, overview, discussion, presentation, offering a nice format.

*) unlike as having been suggested by an anonymous complaint of a SL member, such a Forum is NOT violating TOS.
The use of SL names inside the posts is NOT different from any other medium outside SL, like on FB, YouTube and vv., and unlike as has been suggested, all those are able, even more, encouraged to give their part of the story. As such, the policy in this Forum is significantly more Open than those of the Groups in SL

As this Forum is meant to meet and talk, in stead of fighting each other like is most common in SL, and meant to be open and clean, it also is encouraged to use the Forum to express opinions in a decent open way before making any anonymous complaints, by passing the means this Forum offers. Being open means, showing who you are, and what you want to say.

A special welcome for the real Hells Angels too. Most likely you will not find a Real Hells Angel among us. If any is, it certainly is one who found Second Life, and still loving it to be Hells Angel there as well. Yet, you will understand, most of us just lead another life in Real Life, and are acting, simulating, playing biker, Hells Angel in the safe protection of SL. I am one those, one of many someway posing with your colors, logos, slogans. I assume you will know about the use of your material inside SL. We all know your material is copyrighted. As I cannot speak on behalf of all of us in SL, I speak for my own that I initially used my own material, by far not having relations with the Hells Angles. In SL more of those MCs exists, some being a copy of Real Mcs too, using their material, others have totally fantasy names and logos. Some try to mirror themselves to Real MCs, trying to be most realistic, others do not. Those who do try to be realistic still may show this by their perceptions, which of course also can be wrong, misconceptions. Their identification with the Real HAMC still might be very wrong, just a game they play. Asking me why we do so, why we want to act like you, why we need your material in SL, I cannot really give the answer. Indeed, without using your material, one can still be most close, as far is possible in SL. Personally I feel we all better just stop using others material, no matter if it is copyrighted, just because one is what one does, not what one is wearing, saying, pretending.
To you I say, please, have mercy on us who still are so much dependent on your material to be what they like to be in SL Also, have mercy on those who by using your material are acting in a way that would make you feel pity for them. But, if you feel this use cannot be tolerated, I ask you kind to express  so in this Forum. You are very welcome to this Forum too, the more because we of course rather hear about your inconvenience about us in SL before any worse would come over us. None of us is waiting for a less warm confrontation with you, not in SL, and even less in Real.

Indeed, after serious critics about this Forum by the SL HAMC community some changes were made to its outlook: Now HAMC stands for Heavenly Actors Mobile Cycles, not for Hells Angels Motor Club, and also the Death Head Logo was replaced by a bone hand of SL lol!

Non members will not see the entire content. To become member see the Rules of the House

STP: Serenity, Tranquility, Peace

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