About: HONESTY, RELIABILITY, RESPECT, FREEDOM & more of those self descriptions

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About: HONESTY, RELIABILITY, RESPECT, FREEDOM & more of those self descriptions

Post by Liberty on Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:43 am


You came, or are in SL, and want to start a Motor Club. You want it to look real and good, so what do you do?

You start a SL Group, give it a Good looking name. In the description field you need to add something that makes Sound. Making the first text line there is not always that easy, so you obtain what you have seen more often, and start typing: "HONESTY, RELIABILITY, RESPECT, FREEDOM"
Huraay, there you are. Your MC is now nearly a fact. Now your Facade looks like any other real good MC, just like so many others.

Yet, you now need something that makes your MC special, unique, different from all the others. What can you do ?

There are many ways to fancy up your own special club.
One way is to grab the rest for your description field from many description fields of other MCs you so much want to identify with. Having gathered the contents others MCs already wrote for you, you start selecting the best, stuff these in a shaker, shake, and then dropping these accordingly down in your field.
Another way could be asking yourself about the meaning of the first line. Of course, you know the meaning of HONESTY. Do not you ?
And, RELIABILITY, that must be about the same. You then might ask: "Why to have two near similar words ?"
Let us now assume you are a biker who does not starts riding in the highest gear. Let us assume you are a biker, a bit alike 'Zen, and the art of motor maintainence. ....You turn down your rumbling machine, select a most relaxing pose that makes you stair into the always blue skies SL offers you, and, yes, you start to wonder... You mind shifts away from the barren soil of the sim, and fuses high up into the upper atmospheres of SL, and beyond. And while shifting there very high up, your avi still laying in that comfortable pose of your bike, not yet having been customized with the paintings to show your unique MC, it is as if you can hear your mind 'thinking' for you. ...Oh wait! Is it your mind, is it thinking, and is it meant to be for you ? ...What again did you ever read about asking about the divine, the real Angels ? "If you have to ask, you will not understand the answer." ...You feel a catch, a catch22: "How to get in, if you need to be in, to get into this ?" ...Your mind is in upper atmosphere turmoil, and, there is smoke coming out of your avis ears, still posing way down below on that sim.
Most likely you never ever would have layed down, going up into the divine of the SL blue, getting your mind mixed up without booze or drugs, leaving still apart you had any mind. Most likely you only wanted to have a quick own unique MC, being the prez, just like so many others. But, being just like so many others, this post would not be so interesting. So, only for the sake of this post now, it is assumed that you keep on wondering about HONESTY, RELIABILITY, RESPECT, and FREEDOM. In this scenario it is also assumed that something is thinking for you, as if there is an Angel talking to you. In fact, you are way up in these higher atmospheres, and strange things can happen out there... Thus, the story goes on, a voice is talking to you now.

Honesty is being true. Being true includes not lying. Not lying includes not keeping things after. By this it is clear that Honesty is highly rare, more rare than any gold, diamonds. Are you that rare ? When you are, then be aware that you are not only rare for the time of your existence, you are even rare for the time of human evolution, still more rare than any diamond.
Reliability is not the same as being true. It is being true no matter when, It is being consistent, consequent.
Having a thermometer you of course want to be sure the thing is showing you the temperature. It must be Honest. But you also want to be sure that you can rely on it, no matter where, or when you want to know. You want a meter that is always showing you the exact temperature, whether you are up in space on the bottom of the sea, on the arctic, when it is under high pressure, low pressure, etc. If it always shows the right temperature, then it is a Reliable thermometer, a meter you can rely on. Are you Reliable ? If you are, then realize you are still more rare than being Honest.
Respect is acceptance, tolerance. It is not being respected, it is having respect for others. life forms, culture, beliefs, gender, races, nature, even things. It is allowing all to be as it is, leaving it in its own values, having peace with all other values, norms, standards. Do you have Respect? Of course, if you have Respect, it can make you being respected. Having Respect is often mutual, you might get it in return. You may wonder, is Respect not Given, does it have to be Earned ? If you do not have Respect, you will not earn it. What you may earn is not Respect, but opportunism out of fear for you.
Freedom is not only feeling Free, is is also being Free. Feeling and being Free is very nice, of course. But Freedom is not without limits. Being Free at costs of your environment is taking over the Freedom of others. Taking over others Freedom is Tyranny, Terror, and is not having Respect. Are you Free, or are you Repressive ?

Heey, are you still there ? You were starting a fancy MC, remember ?

`~ LibertyFlea, not to suck, but to be a true blue blood letter, for the better `

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